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News from Cegonha VILLA


Our apartments have recently been completely renovated.
All bathrooms are completely renewed and fitted with new tiling, beautiful sink, mirror with lighting, suction system, shower, toilet and a wall-mounted hair dryer.


All our apartments have new beds with new mattresses, new pillows and new linens.
With regard to the linen, you can choose to sleep under a light-down duvet or under old-fashioned sheets with one or more blankets. There are also more pillows in your apartment.


All our apartments have recently been fitted with new airco's.

This means that all rooms and bedrooms can be both cooled and heated.

Very cool when in summer the temperature rises and warm during the winter.


In the mean time all roofs are covered with solar panels. In total 50 solar panels are installed.

With 300 days of sunshine a year we choose to generate our own clean energy.

Estimated production will be around 23 Kwh, well enough to keep all airco's running at the same time.
We will return the overproduction to the EDP, the Portuguese power supplier.

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