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Terms and Conditions

Cegonha VILLA; Ninho de Cegonha Unipessoal Lda, Beco do Pomar, Olhos D Agua, 8200-594, Portugal. Fiscal # 514315725  (Email:, tel + 31-617470059.), organizer of spa and pampering holidays.

Customer: The person who books a holiday at Cegonha Resort Portugal, for themselves and / or others.

These terms and conditions apply to all agreements between Cegonha Resort and the customer, unless this is expressly waived in writing.

Article 1 - Establishment Agreement

1.1 An agreement between Cegonha VILLA and the customer is valid after accepting the offer of Cegonha VILLA by the customer. The date of conclusion of the agreement shall be the day on which the customer receives confirmation via E-mail of the booking by Cegonha VILLA.

1.2 The contents of the holiday, the spa or the weathered week is determined by the data published on the website of Cegonha Resort or in other publications of vacancies Cegonha VILLA Obvious errors or mistakes in a publication do not bind Cegonha VILLA. Cegonha VILLA is not responsible for publications such as photographs, texts and leaflets issued under the responsibility of third parties.

1.3 Any deviation requested by the customer or by amending the Cegonha VILLA offered vacation requires the written consent of Cegonha VILLA. If a change can not be realized (anymore), the customer can not claim this. Possible additional costs made by Cegonha VILLAt for deviation or modification will be charged to the customer.

1.4 Incidental or structural changes in the timetables and schedules of airlines may affect the travel time. Subject claims to which the customer completed travel and / or cancellation, the customer is not entitled to a refund of part of the rent if the time of departure as a result of these amendments not more than 36 hours different from the original time. Cegonha VILLA is not liable for damage caused by delay.

1.5 A customer who enters into on behalf of or for the benefit of another agreement with CegonhaVILLA is severally liable for all obligations under the agreement. The customer who enters into the agreement will provide for the conclusion of the agreement and its implementation required information regarding himself and / or any other customer (s).

1.6 If the customer notifies certain preferences at the conclusion of the agreement regarding to deliver Cegonha VILLA services will be taken into account as much as possible. However, this has no rights that can be derived.

Article 2 - Payment

2.1 When booking through our online booking system serves 25% of the total amount to be paid in advance. In a telephone reservation or booking via e-mail should after the conclusion of the agreement and receipt of the invoice a deposit of 25% of the price to be paid.

2.2 The remainder of the payment must be paid at least 6 weeks before the start date of the holiday. If the contract within 6 weeks of the day of departure is established, the entire sum must be paid immediately.

2.3 Late payment may, after summation, lead to immediate cancellation of the contract by Cegonha VILLA. In that case, the provisions relating to the cancellation of his application by the customer and will be the sum of the part already paid will be deducted from the cancellation.

Article 3 - Travel documents, travel documents and luggage

3.1 Cegonha VILLA is not liable in case the customer fails to trip, or parts thereof may participate due to deficiencies in his travel documents. All related costs are borne by the customer.

3.2 Cegonha VILLA is not liable for loss, damage or loss of luggage, travel documents and travel documents during the trip and stay at Cegonha VILLA. The customer takes care of the insurance(s) referred to in Article 8.3.

Article 4 - Cancellation by the customer.

4.1 If an agreement is canceled by the customer the following amounts are for each customer:
up to 2 months before departure: the deposit referred to in Article 2.1;
from two months to one month before departure: the down payment and 10% of the total costs per person;
1 month to 3 weeks before departure: 50% of the fare;
from 3 weeks to 2 weeks before departure: 75% of the fare;
from 2 weeks to the day of departure or later: 100% of the fare.

4.2 If a customer is unable to attend, he may ask another person for him instead.
The original customer is next to his replacement severally liable for payment of the sum to Cegonha VILLA.


Article 5 - Termination by Cegonha VILLA

5.1 Cegonha VILLA can only withdraw the contract due to circumstances which are such that further alignment of Cegonha VILLA to the agreement can not reasonably be expected.

5.2 Cegonha VILLA will bring, with giving reasons, inform the customer immediately in writing or by e-mail of the cancellation.

5.3 Cegonha VILLA has, in any case, the right to terminate the agreement without liability to be held for any damages if:
the number of applications for that week is less than the minimum number listed on Cegonha VILLA website and notice is given at least 6 weeks before departure;  in cases of force majeure, namely abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of Cegonha VILLA and whose effects even if all could not be avoided; Examples of force majeure, political unrest, war, scarcity, natural disasters, and strikes.

Article 6 - Modification by Cegonha Resort

6.1 Cegonha VILLA has the right to amend the agreement on an essential point, owing to important circumstances, the customer notified immediately. The client, in this case, the right to cancel and refund (of the portion already paid) of the fare.

Article 7 - Liability of Cegonha Resort

7.1 Cegonha VILLA is responsible to the customer for the proper performance of the obligations arising from the agreement, regardless of whether they are carried out by himself or by other service providers engaged by him.

7.2 Cegonha VILLA is not liable for damage caused by:
shortcomings in the implementation of the agreement on the basis of circumstances attributable to the customer, including damage caused to the health condition of the customer;
actions and influences of third parties not directly involved in the implementation of the journey;
conditions which are not due to the fault of Cegonha Resort and / or pursuant to Dutch law or the norms prevailing in society can not reasonably be attributed to Cegonha Resort.

7.3 Cegonha VILLA agrees to take no responsibility for damage, that is covered by travel and/or cancellation insurance.

7.4 If Cegonha VILLA can be held liable for the customer damages, such liability shall be limited to the amount of the fare.

Article 8 - Obligations of the customer

8.1 The customer is obliged to behave as a good customer. If he causes such a nuisance or trouble that the realization of the holiday is hampered greatly, he can be excluded by Cegonha VILLA from further participation in the holiday. Any resulting costs must be paid by the customer if and insofar as the effects of pollution and nuisance can be attributed to him.

8.2 The customer has obliged any negligence in the execution of the agreement, which spot is identified by him as soon as possible to notify Cegonha Resort in writing or other appropriate form or his representative on site.

8.3 The customer is recommended to take out comprehensive medical insurance for risks that are covered by standard travel and accident insurance. Cancellation insurance is recommended.

8.4 By participating in a treatment week the customer declares in writing to Cegonha VILLA, he is in good health and that no (medical) objections to (juice) fast / cures. If there is a medical complaint, the customer must first submit a written statement from his doctor, certifying that there are no obstacles for the customer to participate in the course week.

8.5 The customer takes part at their own risk to a treatment week and Cegonha VILLA indemnifies liability in this regard.

Article 9 - Complaints

9.1 Any complaints that exceed the level of a few comments or suggestions should originate at the place of destination and/or the place where the complaint as soon as possible in writing or other appropriate form submitted to the local representative of Cegonha VILLA and, if applicable, to the extent possible by the provider.
Cegonha VILLA will respond as adequately as possible on that complaint.

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