Discover the Algarve

Top 10 best sights in the Algarve

In all of Portugal the Algarve among tourists is by far the most visited region. The Algarve is in the south of Portugal along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. What in the Algarve -with regard to landscape- so special is is the alternation of high cliffs and idyllic beaches along the coast. The resorts that are built around it vary from atmospheric and fairly small scale to pure mass tourism wherein especially in the summer months can be very busy. Who wants to discover the beauty of the Algarve does not necessarily needs to travel in the summer to the Algarve. Although it is cooler in the spring and autumn than in summer, the Algarve is just as nice. Maybe even better, because the peak times is lacking. The Algarve is not only popular among sunbathers. The many golf courses scattered throughout the Algarve are ensuring that golfers from all over Europe and beyond come to the Algarve to play golf here.


This particularly beautiful stretch of beach has a number of years ago, received the award "Golden Beach". Photos of the robust cliffs on this gorgeous beach been central in many holiday brochures for the promotion of Portugal. Not only the cliffs are especially also the beautiful clear water of unparalleled class. Because the water is pretty quiet, the many snorkelers draws. Please do take steps with the many stairs down to reach this crazy beach. Several boat tours around excursions have to see more of the coast such as the caves.


The big feature of Silves is its castle "Castelo dos Mouros" on top of a mountain. In the area around the castle are several excavations found evidence that some buildings dating back to the 8th century. The Musueu Municipal Arquelógia give you the chance to learn more about artifacts from the Stone Age. The cathedral in the center of the 13th century. This city has a museum. Namely the cork museum "Fábrica do Inglês" including a documentation center, archive, pretty garden, cozy terrace and a children's park.


The Romans already knew. Bathe in delicious water does tempers calmed and brings a lot of peace in the body. In the beautiful valley of the Serra de Monchique mountain range you will find well water of about 33 C at the thermal spa of Caldas de Monchique. The environment is very green and quiet. It is very fertile, which can be seen on the banana, orange and olive trees. There are several hiking through this beautiful piece of nature. The town of Monchique itself is still very traditional.


With its historic center and shipyard Lagos is a friendly tourist destination. Especially in the summer there is plenty to do in this ancient maritime city. Known natural attractions Ponta da Piedade, Laguna de Alvor and Mata Nacional de Barão de São João. Around the old districts of Santa Maria and São Sebastião can be found walls of the old city. Several forts and castles can be seen in this beautiful town of Lagos. In particular, the fortress on the harbor is worth a visit. This is Forta da Ponta da Bandeira, which today no longer need to protect the port, but provides insight into the maritime history of Lagos.


Because of its ideal location on the coast is the resort of Albufeira very popular among the tourists. The famous nightlife of Albufeira is mainly to "the strip". This is an area with lots of bars, clubs and other forms of entertainment. The cozy harbor has a lot to offer such as boat trips along the many beautiful bays of the Algarve. The best position can be found at Praia dos Pescadores, Fisherman's Beach and Praia do Tunel. The latter is accessible in a special way, namely via a tunnel through the rocks. Near Albufeira, about 8 kilometers away, lies the castle of Paderne with pieces of the partially remaining ramparts.


Most outer southwestern tip of Europe, Sagres Point. Here also is a 16th century fortress with compass rose and guns. Nearby are many quiet beaches with high cliffs. In the beautiful nature park 'Costa Vicentina Natural Park' is about 76,000 hectares to admire lots of flora and fauna. At a distance of about 6 kilometers away is Cape St. Vincent. The only building on this cape is the 24 meter high lighthouse was built on the ruins of an ancient monastery.


On the southern coast of Portugal is the city of Portimão. Especially among sailors is very famous town of Portimão. It hosts large and prestigious sailing events regularly. From around the world attracts the 'World Match Racing Tour many visitors. In this sporting city are more sports fought on the water, including Powerboating. The town itself is mainly characterized by the mix of 19th and 20th century buildings. To make several trips like to the caves, dolphin watching and fishing trips. There are also boat trips to the nearby Silves.


Vila Real de Santo António is situated on the Rio Guadiana, which is the river that divides the Algarve from Spain. If you stand on the far eastern edge of Vila Real you can easily see the Spanish coastline and the bridge over the river that connects the town to Ayamonte in Spain. The bridge was built in the early 1990s and has made a big difference to the congestion in and around the town because people can now drive straight there instead of waiting for a ferry.


Many villas and resort of Praia da Luz's make a small holiday paradise. Along the coastline are many diving schools, surf schools, restaurants, discos and shops can be found. What higher in the mountains are some archaeological sites including a Roman bath. Who just looking for adventure may well end up in Praia da Luz. So you can make it cliff walks as a treat stunning views. But there is more to do. Think water skiing, horseback riding, tennis, sailing, mountain biking and paragliding. At about 10 minutes, the historic town of Lagos.


If you would like to visit churches Tavira is the city where you should be in the Algarve. In the past, Tavira was a "breeding ground" for clergy. and had even though there are not many people attended ..... 20 many churches! and several monasteries. Tavira is an artist / art town, several artists have chosen this place as their home. The Moorish influences Tavira here still see. Walk through the quaint downtown area, many houses are tiled with beautiful old tiles. Parking can at the supermarket or at the big bridge. (Signs or shopping center Mercado) and along the river. Tavira also has a nice shopping area: Gran-Plaza shopping, dining, movie theater, and a large supermarket.