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A brief introduction,
We are Dionne and René with our two daughters Beau-fleur and Luna-morgan.

The beautiful scenery and beautiful beaches, the hilly land, the people, the atmosphere, the climate and the great food.

In 2005, during our first visit we found the glories of the Algarve and we were almost immediately impressed.

We found the Portuguese live here intense, straightforward and pleasant.

For us it was very clear: we wanted to be part of this Portuguese life.

The desire to live here increased: we wanted to start a holiday home in the Algarve.

It would give us the ability to achieve our long-cherished dream: to own a catering facility where we can make our guests feel at home.

Dionne could realize her passion for Yoga and entertain guests with cycling and making long walks along the beach or into the beautiful hills.

René could share his passion for cooking with others to entertain guests with culinary delights.

We have searched a long time to find a suitable building to start our Cegonha Resort  and be able to live in it also.

It has lasted years before we found what we were looking for and able to resolve our dreams.

We found a nice big house on a fantastic location in Olhos de Agua near Albufeira.

We decided to make a jump into the deep!

We opted for the western Algarve.

It was a logical choice because our parents lived here already for years.

Here the landscape is still untouched with and villages are authentic.

The perfect place and the perfect location for our dream!

We are pleased with our comfortable Cegonha Resort, where our guests can enjoy a beach holiday, but also take nature for a more sporty interpretation of their stay.
We hope soon to welcome in our beautiful Resort.
You can read more about us on Facebook.
Dionne and René


Where does the name come from and how we've got the name.

It all started back a few years when I pulled a card during my yoga training after

a meditation showing two Storks ....
Then I got this same card yet drawn a number x, my teacher, guru of all said Dion this

card represents a major transformation, happiness and a fruitful new beginning ...
Cegonha means Stork in Portuguese, and the Stork in the Algarve is a protected species.
You can see them almost everywhere, especially high with their nests on poles or buildings and almost always they are with a pair of two.
It is a loving and wise bird.
The Stork itself stands for positive changes, transformations and curdle in our lives.
Because the Stork can stand a long time motionless on one leg, he makes a thoughtful, solemn and watchful impression which it's sometimes a symbol of meditation.
The significance of the Stork stands of course for fertility, birth, happiness and prosperity.
In our case the fertility of this wonderful new project, and thus the birth of Cegonha VILLA in the Algarve.

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