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At Cegonha Resort you can participate in various activities.

Such as nature walks, bike trails, all types of yoga, body and head massage, beach walks, courses juice fasting and mild fasting, coaching and wellness packages and aqua jogging at the pool.


Dionne gives essentially proper yoga, it consists mainly of Hatha yoga with other forms of yoga (Kundalini, Dru and Yin yoga).
In this relatively new form of yoga is the inner strength -a virtuous heart of each lesson.
Virtues are soul qualities and there are more than 100, to name a few: courage, confidence, openness, joy and creativity.

The whole philosophy of yoga is full of these virtues, and Virtue Yoga deeper meanings of a proper integrated into yoga postures and series, meditations and affirmations.You become aware of the beauty that is hidden in you.As more your inner treasures to know, you can make this easier use in your everyday life.Consciously or unconsciously…

What's in it for you?

* More flexibility, balance and strength
* Relaxation, peace and joy
* You will discover and develop inner qualities
* More appreciation for yourself and your surroundings

And you obviously benefit from the health promoting

and rejuvenating effects of yoga!

At Cegonha Resort you can participate in YOGA for

adults and in the summer months kids can participate in kids YOGA classes.


During this retreat we make a trip combined with the seven chakras with the virtues.
Yoga classes take place in the open air, relax in the grass or on the beautiful covered terrace or on the beach.
We welcome you during this holiday RELAX YOGA pleased to welcome on our beautiful quiet Resort located in Olhos de Aqua 5 minutes away from the bustling Albufeira.
You can enjoy the beautiful nature and several sandy beaches.
The nearest beach is less than a 5 min drive or a fifteen minute walk away.
It is a perfect setting to unwind and bring your mind and body back into balance.
Included in this week; accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner three times, four times

yoga class 1 ½ hours, meditations and 2 x quiet walks through the beautiful nature.
6 nights 1x a full body massage for an hour or a healing.
Prices: 790, - Euro per person in a two person room
(Supplement 1 bed room 150, - Euro)
Not included;
- Travel and cancellation insurance
- Flight to FARO
- Transfer from Faro to us Cegonha Resort, 20 min
- Extra drinks outside breakfast and dinner order.
- Joint dinner with the group at great restaurant nearby (not required)
- Individual consultations as healing, reiki, massage, coaching, private yoga lesson.

The meaning of wellness

Wellness is a combination of 'wellbeing'- feeling good - and "fitness'- active with your body.

Literally translated as the English word wellness nothing more or less than health.

In good Dutch has everything to do with well-being.

Wellness is the collective term which we gather everything that could positively influence our well-being and is about feeling fit, get new energy and be happy.

From body to balance between body and mind, from nutrition to spirituality, from living to travel; everything today is wellness.

From August 27 2017 can at Cegonha Resort Wellnes participate

in a program, you can be pampered by all to achieve yourself in a great environment.


Central to this is:

- Tasty & healthy eating

- Massages, saunas- jacuzzi

- Swimming pool

- Relax

- Enjoy sun, sea and sand.


The significance of massage

Massage is a healing art.
It is an encounter, a touch, from person to person in a pure way.
Without touch, we really can not but stand in this hasty world
We do not dwell on ourselves and on what we need.
Massage is the practice of the use of structured or unstructured pressure,
tension, motion or vibration of the soft
tissues of the body, including the skin, muscles, connective tissues, tendons,
ligaments, joints, lymph vessels, organs of the gastrointestinal tract and reproductive
system to improve any aspect of the welfare of Massee (that is, the person being massaged).

At Cegonha Resort, you can separately use various massage techniques.

Relaxation Massage

With a relaxation massage softer techniques such as known, for example, uses a Swedish massage.

During the massage is seated on a massage table.

The massage begins by dividing a (heated) oil with gentle flowing movements over the skin.

This is also called the effleurage.

After this, there are several hand grips place that are designed to relax the muscles do, also called the petri sage.

The harder techniques such as the hard kneading or pushing of the muscles are not used.
A relaxation massage is a form of massage that aims to relaxing equally tasty.

This is done by means of calming and soothing massage techniques promote blood circulation and improve metabolism.

After you undergo, you will find a relaxation massage that any stress like snow in the sun has disappeared!

Thai massage

Thai massage is a combination of calm successive movements, acupressure, reflexology,

stretching and energetic effect.

The whole treatment is quite rhythmic and meditative.
This massage is wonderful aromatic massage oil.

There is also a massage chair available which you can use every day.


The significance of coaching

Coaching is a form of personal guidance based on a similar one-to-one relationship.
The coached learns, the coach supports and guides the learning process.
The targets are determined in advance within the coaching.
The purpose of coaching is to increase personal effectiveness and professional

competence of the coachee.

Need coaching?

Are you jammed somewhere?
Not happy on your work?
Whether there are troubles in your private life that your work affect?
Do you long for more authenticity and truthfulness in your work and your life?
And you need it to talk to an experienced coach?
Dionne likes to have a walk with you to see what is essentially important to you.
She brings you back in touch with your soul and inspiration.
Explores with you what it is in the way to your full potential and to live your own truth.
Not only in your work but also in your personal life.
The interviews are conducted in peace inside or outside in a quiet environment, or during a stroll place where nature is used actively.
The personal and warm attention of Dionne, her sharp eyes and flawless intuition will take you quickly to the core of your dilemma.
Her clear and concrete way of working will give you the necessary practical tools, which lets you literally steps further will continue.


What are chakras?

Every human being consists of / is one big dynamic energy. In this field there are many very fine energy channels. are energy centers called chakras at the intersections of these energy channels. The word chakra means wheel or wheel and comes from Sanskrit. You can imagine it as a vortex-like field of energy. This vortex creates suction on which energy or information is attracted. The chakras this energy is transformed into more specific energies, each of which affects the functioning of physical, psychological, mental and spiritual level. In a chakra is so energy absorbed and released. A chakra is not working isolated and any change will impact on other chakras and the entire system.

We can distinguish seven main chakras located along the spine from your tailbone to the crown.

Each chakra has a specific interest.


  • First Chakra: foundation; security, confidence, grounding, vitality

  • Second chakra: feelings, emotions, joy, sexuality

  • Third chakra: strength, power, identity

  • Fourth Chakra: (properties) love; self-esteem, giving and receiving, compassion and forgiveness

  • Fifth chakra: communication and expression

  • Sixth chakra: outline, bright -see, intuition

  • Seventh Chakra: inner knowing, authority, knowing who you are

What is healing?

A healing can be seen as a major cleanup of your entire power system. It raises some blockages so you better get your own "constitution" can flow. A good flow helps you to be better connected to your surroundings but also with yourself. It therefore supports your personal growth. When a healing is the healer intuitive level made contact with your energy. It looks where possible blockages or where it is not good flows. The system is helping to regenerate itself again by removing blockages. It is somewhat similar to an acupuncture treatment in which disturbances in the flow of energy be overcome but without the needles! Letting go of "old" energy generally gives a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.
I also work a lot with precious stones and Bach remedy


With sufficient interest can be guided aqua jogging in our pool.

Aqua jogging is particularly suitable for guests who want to keep moving a

little during their stay.

The main advantage of aqua jogging is that no shock load occurs, which does

occur to just walk. Precisely this shock loading is responsible symptoms and

injuries overload. In addition, the resistance in the water is higher, so you need

to put more force than just walk.

That means that aqua jogging in fact, a specific form of strength training for the

walking motion.  Aqua jogging also has a few drawbacks.

First there will be a belt (wetbelt) or jacket (wetvest) that must be fastened with a stable buoyancy to remain afloat stable vertical.

Aqua jogging has the disadvantage that the course coordination in the water is different than on land.

This is caused primarily because with 'floating' walk 'is not a ground contact.

However, this can partially be absorbed by or to walk in the water with soil contact, whereby the gait cycle and marketed as much as possible, remain the same.



What is the Aroma Touch ™ Technology?
At doTERRA's Aroma Touch technology meridian jobs and visceral pressure points of the back to be treated at the feet of specially selected oils.

The purpose of this particular treatment is to help the body to restore balance. The Aroma Touch technique was developed by Dr. David Hill, a leading expert in the field of alternative medicine and therapeutic uses of essential oils.

The Aroma Touch technique promotes the wellbeing by reducing the physical and emotional stress, and supports a healthy functioning body system. The Aroma Touch technique is simple and intuitive and uses doTERRA's CPTG essential oils for an unparalleled experience for the recipient.

There are four steps in the Aroma Touch therapy:

  1. Stress reduction

  2. Improve immune system

  3. Reduce inflammation

  4. Homeostasis - balance in body and mind

The treatment lasts about 60 minutes and costs 75, - euro

Go to MYDOTERRA shop.

Walking in the vicinity of your holiday to your heart's content. walk on their own to Olhos de Agua takes you about 20 minutes. and to Albufeira just under 30 minutes.
You may also guided several walks through the beautiful countryside of the Algarve or to beautiful beaches in the area. The walks are a light to moderate level: 2.5 hours through diverse landscapes. Dionne guides you through the beautiful area of the Algarve, and / or the green Serra de Monchique and / or along the West (Costa Vicentina) - and South Coast.


You can contact us -after arrival and during your residence- to rent a bike to make beautiful bike rides. We have a number of men- women- and children bikes available.

Our city bikes are perfect for a local bike ride because it's reasonably flat without high mountains and / or decrease in the area of Albufeira. The rent per bike per day is 12,50 Euro


When you like to make professional cycling trips you can do it under

supervision, there are several organizations providing organized cycle tours o.a .:
Vilamoura Quarteira 3 pm Guided Bike Tour
Vilamoura Environmental Park 3 pm Guided Bike Tour

You can go for renting mountain bikes and / or road bikes in:
Cycle Classic Tours in Loulé (central Algarve)

Aqua Jogging
Rent a Bike
Beach Walking
Chakra Healing


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