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Travel directions from FARO airport to Cegonha Resort, Beco do Pomar.

1. Head southwest
2. Keep right to drive in the direction of the N125-10
3. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the N125-10
4. Slight right onto the ramp to Lisboa / Portimão / Loulé
5. Merge onto the IC4
6. Keep left and continue on the IC4 to the direction A22, Albufeira

7. After a few kilometers take the exit right to the N125, Portimão, Albufeira
8. At the first roundabout take the 2nd exit (straight on) and continue the direction N125, Portimão, Albufeira the N270
9. After 10 km driving on the N125 take the exit left to Albufeira onto the EM526
10. On the next roundabout go strait and keep driving on the EM526 to Albufeira
11. Your driving towards a small place named: Branqueira
12. Just before the trafficlights in the centre of Branqueira turn left after the shop of Moto Branqueira

13. Before a sign named: Freguesia de Olhos de Agua turn right into Caminho de Albufeira
14. First exit on your left is Beco do Pomar.

You have arrived at your destination at Cegonha Resort.


Cegonha Resort - Google Maps:  37.102330,  -8.210878

Cegonha Resort
Beco do Pomar
Olhos-D Água 
37.102330 N
-8.210878 W
+31-617 470 059
+351-925 144 566
Call to make a booking
+31-617 470 059
+351-925 144 566
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